1943 born in Budapest, Hungary  •  1957-61 attended the high school for Fine Arts in Budapest  •  1961-67 studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest with the professors Kádár, Barcsay and Konecsni  •  1967 diploma in fine arts and graphic arts, after that free-lance graphic artist  • 1968 first Prize in London for "Best Design of the Year"  •  1971 emigrated to West Germany  •  1972-89 worked as industrial graphic artist  •  1982-88 repeated working stays in Spain  •  1983 adopted the German citizenship  •  1988 promotional prize "Förderpreis"  of the City of Munich  •  working stay in Italy, art prize "Premio Civitella´88", Civitella d´Agliano, Italy   •  1988/89 taught at the Summer Academy in Admont, Austria  • 1989 Art Prize of the City of Ebersberg  •  1990 participated in the  "Indo-German Artist´s Camp" of Max Mueller Bhavan (Goethe-Institut) in Calcutta  •  1991 awarded working scholarship "Studio aperto Italia" to spend one year in San Giovanni d´Asso, Italy •  prize at the 2nd International Triennal of Patterns, Budapest  •  since 1992 frequent stays in Hungary with Exhibitions in Szombathely, Pécs, Budapest, Győr, Eger etc..  •   1993-2016 taught at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich  •  1998/2009 guest professor at "Pentiment" in Hamburg  •  1999-2010 directed the painting academy Simonyi in Tuscany, Italy   •  2009-11 participated in the international artists workshop in Jászdózsa in Hungary  •  since 1995 teaches at the Academy for Performing and Visual Arts in Marburg  •  lives in Munich.

Emo Simonyi